DIY: How to build a backyard greenhouse

Building a small, backyard greenhouse can be a rewarding, easy, and even less expensive solution to indoor grow lights. A greenhouse can allow a home gardener to effectively start their own seeds, keep year-long stock plants (see below), or overwinter plants that don’t survive Idaho winters. Follow these steps when considering background greenhouse construction. Step 1) Consider what you will use a greenhouse for. A greenhouse opens up the entire

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Cascading succulents should be on anyone’s list for living home & patio decor. Gardeners often focus on planting things in the ground or in pots that rest well below eye level, yet there is a wide (tall?) world of verdant, pendant possibility that lives above us in the form of hanging plants. Particular varieties thrive from lofty perches, succulent plants such as string of bananas and Sedum ‘Burrito’. It’s enough to make one hungry! Hanging succulents also excel


A traditional container garden is typically created from classic terra-cotta pots.  But other common options to consider would be the following:  lightweight fiberglass planters outdoor plastic planters colored concrete planters glazed ceramic planters natural wood planters (teak planters, cedar planters) aluminum, cor-ten steel or other metal planters Anything that can hold soil? Is this how you “contain” ivy? However, anything that can hold soil can be considered a potential planter,

How Often Should I Water My Lawn in the Summer?

Every living thing needs water, and your grass is no exception. But simply remembering to water your lawn isn’t enough. There’s a right way and a wrong way to do it, as anyone in the PA landscape construction industry can tell you. For example, if you’re not generous enough with your watering, the roots of the grass won’t grow deeply, leaving your lawn in trouble at the height of summer. And if


Rose City Front Yard Landscaping With No Grass Here is a classic Rose City Portland bungalow with a tiny front yard. My clients Julia and Bruce wanted a welcoming no lawn entry garden. They were planning to raise their family in this home so they wanted a landscape design for the long term. The front yard had difficult, near hostile growing conditions. Large trees to the south blocked sun and

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